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About Website Performance Audit

What is Geekflare Website Audit?

Powered by Google Lighthouse, Geekflare Website Audit tests your website on various parameters to identify the areas needing attention. This digs deep and evaluates your website on 50 vital performance and SEO elements.

If you think you’ve created the best possible content and are making all the marketing efforts but still not getting the results, this may be the time for an in-depth website audit to reveal the missing pieces of the puzzle.

On the result page, you’ll find concrete suggestions to work upon for helping your site reach its full potential. We have leveraged our experience managing and growing high traffic, premium websites and tailored this tool to present you actionable outputs.

Performance Tweaks

Fast-loading websites are not optional anymore if you wish to stand a chance among your competitors.

Besides being a norm for an excellent user experience, blazing-fast websites often rank ahead of their sluggish counterparts in search engine results pages (SERPs) because search engines have started to penalize slow-loading websites.

Using Geekflare Website Audit, you can check how fast your website loads, or simply, how fast your online business gets to work!

In addition to many page speed metrics, you’ll see three important factors: Overall Loading Time, Time to First Byte, and First Contentful Paint.

Desktop or Mobile

You can lose big time if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, as around 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. So, relying completely on desktop testing can be dangerous to your business.

With Geekflare Website Audit, check how your website loads on mobile browsers. And not just the final screenshot but see how it was rendered, progressively.

Your website is loaded directly into a browser engine running on our servers, and the output is captured and shown. This lets you see what the site will look like to the end-user, saving you from the but-it-works-on-my-machine-perfectly mistakes.

Best Practices

This section reveals critical things widely practiced across the internet industry and often recommended by experts.

Some of the test metrics include:

  • HTTPS support
  • Accessible over HTTP/2
  • Safety of external links
  • Usage of deprecated APIs
  • Aspect ratio of images
  • Front-end JavaScript vulnerabilities
  • If preventing pasting passwords
  • General user experience

Each metric is followed by easy-to-understand explanations so you can work on the recommendations.

Website Diagnostics

The diagnostics section reveals the factors to take your website performance to the next level.

For instance, you will see if DOM size is excessive, JavaScript execution time, caching policy, critical resources chaining, number of requests, the total size of the page, and more.

But more than that, you get viable suggestions on how to improve your overall audit score.

For instance, it will tell you which JavaScript libraries to avoid because of known security vulnerabilities. In addition, you will see the assets needing compression to save response times and optimize page size (saving bandwidth). Similarly, you’ll get to know about the scripts to push further down the page or load lazily to improve page performance.

Request Breakdown

This shows the total requests made to load the webpage by content type, content size, response code, and domain.

This will be useful to know if your webpage has lots of resources, resulting in a slow-loading website.

Sorry if we sound biased, but the Geekflare Website Audit tool is a no-brainer.

It’s completely free, takes only a few seconds, and provides clear-cut, actionable guidance. Even if you’re not technically sound, you can pass these on to your developer, and they’ll be able to implement these in no time.

But try to do that without an accurate website audit tool like ours, and you can frequently land in trouble.

How do you improve website performance?

There isn’t any one-click solution. But there are a few things to try and test that can prove beneficial. Some of them are:

Worthy Web-Hosting: A web-hosting provider promising unmetered bandwidth with deep discounts is a tell-tale sign of mismanagement. Most likely, their servers will be crowded with people in search of ECONOMIC solutions without much concern on performance.

In short, pick a good web hosting provider having commendable customer support.

But how to choose that among the many claiming themselves as the best? One surefire way is to take hints from your strong competitors.

You can check your competition’s web hosting service with Geekflare’s free Who is hosting tool . It won’t take a second to tell you about any website’s location, hosting company, and IP address.

Use a CDN: A Content Delivery Network (CDN) should be your next go-to deployment to make things fast for a worldwide audience.

The concept behind using a CDN is easy. You can’t host your website in every corner of the globe. And loading times for the users located countries apart aren’t ideal. A CDN is an answer to such situations.

One such excellent CDN is SUCURI . This will make sure your website loads fast enough for a global audience while ensuring security.

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